Expected Learning Results

Expected Learning Results

Self Aware Individual

  • who realizes the importance of self-respect and self-discipline
  • who practices good sportsmanship and healthy competition
  • who respects his or her body as a gift from God
  • who appreciates the arts through participation in music, art, and drama
  • who recognizes that art enhances learning

Thinking Individual

  • who meets or exceeds diocesan academic standards
  • who is a creative, resourceful problem solver
  • who takes pride and ownership in his work and behavior
  • who is a responsible, motivated learner
  • who uses technology competently and responsibly

Active Christian

  • who knows, loves and serves God
  • who lives and models Christian beliefs and values
  • who is prepared for the meaningful reception of the sacraments through daily religious instructions
  • who is grateful for family and God’s many blessings

Respectful Individual

  • who respects and appreciates all cultures and faiths
  • who shows love for all God’s creation
  • who works for peace and justice
  • who lives by the Golden Rule