St. John the Evangelist School participates in a SCRIP fundraising program to help raise additional money for our school. 

SCRIP consists of various gift certificates which the school purchases at a discount from the vendor. The gift certificates are then sold at face value and the difference between our cost and the face value is our profit. Profits range from 2-15%, depending on the contribution of the vendor.

The school also earns money through eSCRIP programs with local grocery stores. As a way of giving back to their communities, the stores donate a percentage of customer purchases to a designated recipient. You can register your Safeway Club Card or Raley’s/Bel Air Quality of Life Card and designate St. John’s as the recipient of a percentage of your shopping purchase amount.

Friends and family may also register their grocery store cards and designate St. John’s School in Carmichael as the recipient of their shopping credits.

Every year the SCRIP and eSCRIP programs provide the school with additional funds that are used in a variety of ways to enrich the educational experience of our students. SCRIP and eSCRIP are easy to participate in, raise much-needed monies for the school, and are not an additional expense for the participants.