Tuition Rates

Our tuition is a year-long tuition is broken down into 10 monthly payments.

The following monthly rates are for a 10-month school year and are subject to change. Please call the office to confirm!

Tuition for the preschool program 8:00 ​am ​- 12:00 pm

5 Days (Monday through Friday)$412.00​/month
3 Days (Mon/Wed/Fri)$335.00/month
2 Days (Tues/Thurs)$258.00/month

Extension Program

Morning Care only from 7:00 am - 8:00 am

2 days a week$ 50/month
3 days a week$ 65/month
5 days a week$106/month

Afternoon Extension until 3:00 pm

2 days a week$110/month
3 days a week$146/month
5 days a week$213/month

Afternoon Extension until 6:00 pm

2 days a week$130/month
3 days a week$166/month
5 days a week$235/month

Drop-in rate (per day) - $8