Physical Education

Physical Education

TK & Kindergarten

Students in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten learn through their environment and through themselves. They are “solo” or “individual” learners. Their focus is on the general space around them and their own personal space. It is important at this stage to teach non-locomotor and locomotor skills to teach the students to move within a general space. They will also be introduced to equipment and how to manipulate objects at this stage. Students will be introduced to how their body moves in a variety of situations. Health and hygiene are also introduced in the curriculum at this stage.

1st & 2nd Grade

Students in 1st and 2nd grades will begin to expand their movement skills to include space and time, and they learn to move to different directions at varying speeds. They begin to recognize a variety of movements, for example, high, medium, low and fast-slow. They will explore movement patterns with a partner to define movement in relation to another person, shape or group. At this stage, students will learn kinesthetically and through a variety of modalities.

3rd & 4th Grade

Students in 3rd and 4th grades will have a strong enough self image to tolerate differences in how others reacts to them and will make well-defined combinations of movements. Their eye-hand coordination will improve with various skillful movements of motor skills. The students will participate in many non-locomotor and locomotor skills that will be mastered, and they’ll be able to manipulate objects in a variety of ways.

5th & 6th Grade

Students in 5th and 6th grades will continue to manipulate a variety of objects according to more specific goals. The students are starting to achieve skill proficiency with eye-hand and eye-foot combination movements. The students will begin to refine skills that are needed and extend skills for more students that have mastered previous skills. The students will have a strong interest in team play and organized games, learning experiences that focus on developing the skills required for a cooperative effort toward a common goal.

7th & 8th Grade

The students will be able to deal with rapid physical, social, and emotional changes during movement and activities. The students will be able to focus on a common group or team goal over a long term, working together to solve problems during group or team activities. They are able to focus collective emphasis toward team sports, including defensive and offensive strategies. Students will be encouraged to continue participation in group activities because all aspects of the personal development at this time--both physical and mental--are still evolving.