The aim of St. John the Evangelist School is to give every boy and girl an opportunity to participate in a varied athletic program. Students in grades 5-8 may participate in the Parochial Athletic League (P.A.L), an after school sports program. The P.A.L. is designed to promote good sportsmanship, develop physical coordination and give the participants the opportunity to meet and enjoy new friends and, in doing so, enrich their lives. Participants in this program are representatives of our school and their conduct and sportsmanship must be representative of a SJE student.

Volunteers for coaching make extracurricular athletics possible. All volunteers are expected to follow school policies and guidelines.

Sports include:

Little Dribblers

Boys and girls in grades 1-4 may participate in the Little Dribblers Program. There is a Little Dribblers team for boys and girls in each grade, 1-4. This program is designed to develop basketball skills in our younger students and give them the opportunity to play against teams from other schools in a non-competitive setting.